Our Wellness Centre

For your active yet relaxing holiday, the Hotel Jan Maria Wellness Centre is waiting to offer you peaceful moments of wellness and regeneration, to prepare you for a new day exploring the Dolomites. The wellness area, free for our guests, is equipped with: a Finnish sauna, Turkish bath and a 6-person Jacuzzi. In the wellness area you will have access to towels and herbal tea, for an all-round relaxing experience. Finally, Kneipp shower and pools.

If you would like to incorporate some physical activity during your holiday, work out in our gym.

Here is some information for an unforgettable experience in the Hotel Jan Maria Wellness Centre.

The Finnish sauna has a temperature reaching 80-90°C and promotes abundant perspiration of the skin. The humidity does not exceed 10-20%, apart from when water is thrown on the stones. Typically, use of the sauna consists of alternating with 10 minutes in the sauna and then a cold shower.

The Turkish bath consists of an environment saturated with water vapour (100% humidity) that forms a fog at a stratified temperature (from 20/25°C at foot level to 40/50°C at head height) which induces perspiration when it condenses on the skin.

The Jacuzzi is the ideal method for recuperating energy. The benefits of a Jacuzzi aren’t only to do with the body, which will appear more invigorated, relaxed and rested, but are instead primarily to do with the mental and psychological sphere. A Jacuzzi offers rest and relaxation, restores the psycho-physical balance and harmony lost during the day. It increases blood pressure and stimulates circulation.

We are waiting for you at Hotel Jan Maria to offer you an active yet relaxing holiday in Val di Fassa.